In the Hands of an Artisan

«In 1923 the first customers were mainly farmers, who perhaps paid with two rabbits, a chicken and some quarters»

This happened at the beginning of the last century in Cerreto Guidi, a Renaissance village in the Chianti hills, a stone's throw from Florence and the land of Leonardo da Vinci, in the heart of Tuscany.

Thinking back with nostalgia to those times, it seems as if one could see the great-grandfather Giulio Brotini, sitting and bent over his workbench, accepting such a barter, while smiling with the humble pride of the Florentine craftsmen, who knew the secrets of leather, the mysterious techniques of processing and also the personal stories of the customers, of the individual countrymen and their families.

The small workshop, opened almost a century ago, is the foundation of Pakerson's history, which has its roots in this artisan workshop whose excellence, timeless style, passion, scents, noises and colors the company proudly preserves today. The spirit.

Passion, skill and genius that do not stop when faced with difficulties or even war. Under the guidance of Luciano, Giulio's son, the family business was transformed into a company: in 1958, the Pakerson brand saw the light of day, which over the years has become a reference point for admirers of Italian artisan footwear and a symbol of the renowned Tuscan footwear tradition. Luciano's project continued with his grandchildren, Andrea and Antonio Brotini, together with the first members of the fourth generation, Gabriele and Elisa.

The quality of their shoes, the skill and experience handed down from one generation to the next, and cherished by the family, results in a winning and visionary approach. The Pakerson brand conquered the Tuscan luxury footwear market, then the Italian one, to reach foreign markets as an icon of luxury and a symbol of class.


Of deep roots

An adventure that has been going on for almost a century and which is the story of a family, its distinctive values and its unique talents. A creative strength that feeds on the beauty of Tuscany, cradle of eternal art and culture.

The signature emblem of Pakerson, in the shape of a horseshoe, is influenced by this double umbilical cord with the family and the Tuscan land. A palpable love for horses that, from the historic Pakerson stable, spreads not only to the steeds, noble, elegant and beautiful animals, but also to all the brand's exclusive products. A symbiosis that is achieved as if through the charm of an exciting ride in the Tuscan countryside.

Pakerson chooses to keep the company headquarters in the same village that gave the origins to the family history, in the hills of Cerreto Guidi, in the Florentine countryside, directly near the land of Leonardo da Vinci: the cradle of genius, creativity, arts and crafts, where time seems to have stopped in the genuinely past. This atmosphere of authenticity, beauty and pleasure for life has always been the inspiring muse of the Pakerson brand and of the slow, expert and patient gestures of its master artisans' hands.


Impeccable Class

  The Tuscan artisan tradition is the flagship of the Made in Italy

Pakerson celebrates the enchanting beauty of Tuscany, dedicating to its cities of art and charming villages the everlasting gentlemen's collection of hand-dyed shoes and belts by master craftsmen when they are ordered in the shade chosen by the customer. Works of art with a unique charisma, the work of creative genius, enthusiasm and sensuality, typically Made in Italy.

Pakerson collections' impeccable masculine elegance revives the desire to experience elitist sensations. A gratification that shatters obsolete patterns and opens up to the pleasure of an Italian-style slow living experience.

The Pakerson shoe is characterized by about 200 different phases of careful craftsmanship. It is hand-made, hand-sewn and hand-dyed. The patience of the artisan who produces unique footwear, one stroke after another, is combined with the emotion of waiting to for an exclusively made cult object.


Italian Passion

  When Pakerson decided to create a line of women's luxury shoes, it was inspired by the strength of the women of the founding family and the beauty of the Tuscan land

A challenge that immediately presented itself as attractive as complex. The initial desire was to create sophisticated models and, at the same time, innovative, in the tradition of Florentine craftsmanship.

Only the finest leathers, the most exclusive craftsmanship and the distinctive brand style were used: the motto was to remain faithful to the Pakerson's soul.

Draw from the experience in the world of handmade men's shoes the same philosophy of exclusivity and excellence and reinterpret it for women.

Thus, a glamorous and alluring line was introduced, which immediately became a new style icon.



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