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What Accessories?

Taking the right care of the shoe means giving it a long life and, above all, allows you to maintain its aesthetic characteristics, its flexibility and softness.

But what are the essential shoe products for leather shoes of craftsmanship and fine? For the care of leather shoes, it is enough to have a few products, which are however of quality. For this purpose, Pakerson has created the Shoe Care line of ecological and natural products..



The brushes are used for cleaning leather shoes, and should preferably be combined with a wax when brushing.

To perform their function in an impeccable manner, the brushes must be made of natural bristles, only in this way they can guarantee proper cleaning without running the risk of scratching. To reach the most hidden parts of the shoes, especially the area between the sole and the upper, you can use comfortable toothbrushes. To clean nubuck shoes, however, you can use a natural para brush. The brush should be gently passed on the shoe, taking care not to exert excessive pressure. The Pakerson line offers brushes of different types:

Para natural brushes: with wooden handle, they are designed for cleaning suede.

● Brushes with light or dark bristles: with a wooden handle with a curved back to adapt to the hand, they are equipped with high and soft bristles, and are ideal for the care of smooth skin.

● Toothbrushes with light or dark bristles: brushes of reduced size designed to reach every part of the shoe and for quick cleaning.

Toothbrushes with brass bristles: toothbrushes ideal for cleaning suede shoes, they are used with light and linear movements.


Leather Shoes

The natural wax, which in the formulation of the Pakerson Shoe Care line is enriched with cedar oil, serves to keep the skin soft and protect it.

Among the features to take into account when buying a shoe wax there are: ease of application (possible if the wax is soft and velvety), the absence of thinners. In the Pakerson line, the waxes are available in three different shades (black, brown and neutral), which enliven and maintain the aesthetics of the shoes.


How To Choose It And When To Use It

Finally, the shoe tensioner, a real ally when it comes to keeping shoes always new and impeccable line.

The shoe tensioner has the task of keeping the shoe in shape, helping it to recover its original line after being "stressed" during the day. The ideal is to buy a manually adjustable shoe tensioner (therefore not spring) and that is designed to maintain good ventilation of the shoe, such as the Pakerson shoe tensioner.

 Take care of your shoes: choose Pakerson shoecare products.

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