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A Timeless Footwear Style That Matches Everything

The men's ankle boot is a timeless style. Appearing on the scene of men's footwear already in 1800, it still has success thanks to its versatility.

But where does the ankle boot come from? Although “polacchino”, the Italian name for this style, seems to refer to Poland, these shoes have a strong link with the type of footwear used by the Burmese of the desert. It is no coincidence that the Anglo-Saxons also call the ankle boot “desert boot”. While the first models had side lacing and buttons, over time the ankle boot has established itself as we know it today, with the lacing on the front.


Perfect for the winter months, these shoes usually appear in the wardrobe already in autumn and on some summer occasions.

Comfortable, versatile and with sober yet elegant lines, men's desert boots are also perfect shoes for formal outfits, but they give a touch of class even to the most informal ones. This versatility makes men's ankle boots a must have. In its casual version, the ankle boot can have a sportier line, unusual colors and can be matched with both jeans and informal trousers. In the elegant or business one, it is better to opt for a dark leather ankle boot (the classic brown, blue or black): it goes perfectly with tailored suits, preferably with tight trousers. Whatever the outfit chosen, in order not to break the line of the leather ankle boot it is preferable to wear trousers whose length comes to touch the shoe upper (in the case of jeans you can opt for the cuff) or that, at least, is tight at the ankle.


Pakerson Leather Ankle Boot

The processing of Pakerson Made in Italy shoes is able to decline the men's ankle boot in lines now more classic now more modern.

Our luxury artisan shoes, hand made since 1923, blend the highest Florentine tradition of craftsmanship with contemporary stylistic ideas and traits for elegant and never banal shoes. Here is our proposal of men's ankle boots:

• Greve leather ankle boot - The Greve ankle boot combines a classic and elegant profile with special cuts and finishes, such as visible stitching. The range of colors, ranging from classic black and brown to yellow, pink, orange, green, winks at a modern, ironic and self-confident man.

• Certaldo men's ankle boots - The handmade Certaldo ankle boots, like all Pakerson shoes, are characterized by the perforated decoration, the dovetail tip and the antiqued-finished upper.

• Montalcino ankle boot - The modern version of the men's ankle boot according to Pakerson: the sturdy sole and the rubber side strip guarantee water repellency and make it perfect for any context and any weather condition.

Choose the quality of Pakerson luxury artisan shoes: visit our online store!
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