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The Strict Rules of Fashion

In the fashion world, creativity and imagination collide and meet incessantly with the strict dictates of style.

Accomplices and eternal enemies, the rules and their usual transgressions are part of the nature of fashion, which every day poses doubts about how to manage the color matching or about which accessory to choose. Scrupulously following the laws of fashion, while trying to indulge your taste and make your personality shine, is certainly not a path without obstacles. If the choice of the shoe style and the preference of the fabric appear to be opponents right away, the color matching is undoubtedly the most delicate and critical moment in creating the right outfit.

When it comes to hues and shades, it is key not forgetting what you want to convey. In fact, originality, character, and refinement should never be lacking in a look you want to be enterprising and sought after. For this reason, the right color matching becomes essential. Regardless if you prefer bright colors or neutral colors, an accessory that ranges from the most delicate to the brightest shades can become the best ally to make your outfit shine at any time. Choosing Pakerson luxury shoes and handcrafted belts, expertly created and hand-dyed by Florentine artisans, can certainly revive the fortunes of your style.


Luxury Belts and Shoes

Exaggeration and anonymity are the most dangerous inclinations when it comes to fashion.

To avoid showing an exasperated look or, as opposite, an invisible one to most people, it is always a good idea to study the color scheme that best suits your complexion and style. However, when it comes to color matching, we often forget that accessories are the real stars. Choosing to embellish your look with colored shoes in neutral tones or with a handcrafted belt of a vibrant red, can clearly make a difference. And if these accessories are the product of a centuries-old experience in the field of leather processing, the success of your outfit will be inevitable.

Pakerson artisans expertly work with fine quality leathers to create luxury shoes and belts that embody the essence of style. The attention to detail that distinguishes the Florentine company certainly does not exclude attention to color. Thanks to a color palette that varies from the more neutral Pakerson shades, such as smoky gray or chocolate, to the bright shades of orange and sky blue, the Florentine masters offer luxury footwear and handcrafted belts capable of making matching colors the best moment in the creation of your outfit.

However, the skill of Florentine artisans is not limited to leather processing. The DAILY STYLE men's shoe collection is in fact a precious product line, originated from the combination of craftsmanship and art. The master artisan’s accuracy in caressing the precious leather blends and merges with the painter's creative spirit. Drawing from the wide range of Pakerson shades, the craftsman applies the dye to every single pair of luxury shoes in the collection, creating an artwork of inevitable uniqueness.

A coarse or imprecise color scheme can often be the culprit of a forgettable look. Rely on Pakerson shades and make your style shine. Visit our online boutique.

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