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How to give voice to your own personality

Creating your own clothing style is like telling, without words, the story of a part of yourself.

What we decide to show to our interlocutor, what we want to be transmitted to an unknown eye must be able to be a significant trait of our personality. This way, if the choice of a clothing item is essential, preferring an accessory over another one can really make the difference in creating your own style. Very often, in fact, it is details, precisely those less striking stylistic elements, to give life to an unmistakable and unforgettable clothing style.

Choosing to create your own style with the Italian artisanal works of those who have almost a hundred year experience in the world of fashion is certainly a winning move. The excellence and quality of raw materials combined with the expertise of Pakerson master artisans have given life to handmade leather shoes and accessories which are able to represent any personality, always leaving room for everyone's artistic creativity. The variety of Pakerson Italian luxury footwear models and handcrafted belts, with a range of nuances ranging from neutral colors to the brightest, not only can adapt to any style, but can revolutionize and make that style something unique and extremely personal.


For a style that aims at excellence

A single accessory can be enough to create your own style.

Whether you prefer a casual and sporty look or a more classic and elegant style, with Pakerson leather accessories you can convey your personality according to your tastes. Giving shape to your style through the luxury Italian moccasins, slip-ons, sneakers and lace-up shoes by the Florentine masters means choosing to wear made in Italy excellence, the quality and comfort of fine leathers and the colors that best represent your character.

Pakerson Italian handcrafted shoes have the privilege of preserving the Florentine tradition without losing sight of the latest trends and novelties in fashion. The Lucca Moccasin and the Bolgheri Derby can accompany you in everyday life giving your style a casual touch, without sacrificing class and that pinch of inspiration given by the whimsical and lively shades created by the artisans. It is also good to remember that a minimal but elegant style cannot ignore the importance of accessories. A Pakerson leather belt craftsmanship, with a clean and refined line, can become that essential detail. Although, in fact, it can remain hidden from the eyes of most people, the belt remains one of the timeless accessories, that element whose presence can actually change the fate of your style.

A style of clothing that you want instead more refined and creative, certainly cannot fail to look to crocodile skin. The Pakerson company creates luxury footwear and high quality crocodile leather belts, worked and treated in detail by the expert hands of Florentine master artisans. The Mississippiensis alligator skin used in the creation of Pakerson footwear and accessory lines can give your style that unique detail of its kind, able to make you stand out on every occasion.

To learn more about Pakerson shoes and leather accessories and to create the clothing style that best suits your personality, visit our online Boutique.

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