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Style Icons

Models, materials, and finishes change trends and styles.

Fashion evolves continuously, but never forgets its past. The moccasin embodies that back and forward movement, an effort for innovation but honoring tradition, which has always characterized fashion. Elegant, casual moccasins, for men or women, in leather or fabric: this shoe has reigned supreme for now a century on the catwalks, evolving, but without ever losing that iconic charm that has characterized it since its origins.

If the infinite versatility of the moccasin has always made it a coveted model by fashion lovers, at the same time, that same versatility has often been a source of misunderstandings and unsuitable combinations. Elegant moccasins, in particular, require caution and a careful look, since they are footwear that historically embodies the essence of elegance and stylistic refinement.

Because thin is the line that separates the simple wearing of moccasins from welcoming authentic elegance that this shoe inevitably embodies, the right combination becomes fundamental.


The Right Match

Fashion constantly reinvents itself and the moccasin has never lost his starring role in this flow of continuous transformations and rebirths.

Revisited, adapted, dusted off, in any way the moccasin is treated, its innate refinement does not fail and remains its hallmark. Nevertheless, knowing how to enhance the essence of the moccasin, avoiding an outdated look, and how to exploit that inherent elegance in its nature, it is not simple.

There are no insurmountable limits for wearing elegant moccasins. Even a casual style for men, with a straight trousers or classic jeans, can easily accommodate the elegant moccasin, which, for its natural elegance, will give the outfit a touch of class without falling into antiquity. Combined with bermuda shorts, instead, you can have the spring / summer variant, in which the moccasin becomes the main protagonist of the look. Also on the female side, the moccasin has now become an important style ally, replacing not infrequently the most famous décolleté or sneaker for casual lovers.

Fashion, however, always poses difficult choices and, when it comes to moccasins, the question of the use of the sock or not becomes central. Although there is no official veto on the use of the sock, certainly the most common practice is wearing the barefoot moccasin. The risk of breaking the silhouette or of plunging into the abyss of kitsch, perhaps with a terry sock, is too high. For this reason, it is always preferable to leave the main scene to the moccasin.


Pakerson Styles

The elegance of the moccasin is innate, but the quality of its workmanship and materials is to be sought in the expertise of those who create artworks to wear.

The Pakerson company offers luxury moccasins from unparalleled refinement and versatility, using fine leathers hand-antiqued by Tuscan artisans. The experience and craftsmanship that lie behind the models of the Lucca moccasin and the Cerreto moccasin are the elements that make these shoes icons of style and elegance. Ranging from more classic nuances to bolder shades, the Pakerson leather loafers adapt to different styles, embodying the spirit of a company that makes art and tradition its main values.

Pakerson luxury footwear is synonymous with elegance and quality. Visit our online boutique.

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