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Fashion is made to go out of style.

This is the way Coco Chanel described the fickle nature of the fashion world. In its centuries-old history, fashion has seen garments, accessories, and footwear to be born and then get lost, later resurrect again and finally fall back into oblivion. Placed in an old trunk or thrown away permanently, many of the protagonists who have marked the evolution of fashion have met this inevitable end, forgotten by catwalks and trends. However, not everything fashion has created has suffered this cruel fate. Moccasins, slip-on shoes, and loafers, for now a century, have resisted changes in trends, innovating and adapting, without ever losing their natural charm. Elegant, casual, eccentric or classic, as versatile as few other shoe styles, moccasins resist the passage of time and never stop being the main characters of new fashions. Anyway, a shoe that preserves such strength and tradition necessarily requires special attention, particularly when it comes to having to match casual moccasins without losing that refined touch.

When it comes to slip-ons, moccasins, and loafers, it is in fact inevitable to think of the elegance and refinement that these shoes recall. The Pakerson company has captured the natural refinement that moccasins embody and has created men's luxury footwear with unmistakable class. However, what distinguishes and exalts Pakerson slip-on styles is their infinite versatility, the ability to adapt to even the most casual looks, without losing their authentic prestige.


Luxury Becomes Casual

Luxury is the absence of vulgarity,

said Chanel, to remind us that the true nature of luxury lies in discretion and in that silent way of shining without flaunting wealth. Pakerson moccasins, slip-on shoes and loafers combine the quality and mastery of Florentine craftsmanship with the versatility and comfort that only fine leather can embody. This is the reason why Pakerson's luxury moccasins are perfectly suited to a casual and sporty style, without ever giving up on class.

Matching Pakerson casual moccasins with straight jeans or chinos, with a sports jacket or a simple sweater, means dressing a natural and breezy, but never subdued, look. In addition, the nuances that the Florentine company offers for its CERRETO MOCCASIN and LUCCA MOCCASIN allow you to express your creativity, daring brighter and more lively colors capable of reviving even the dull autumn days. The comfort and softness provided by the high quality of Pakerson leather allow you to wear these luxury moccasins every day, enjoying the comfort that only craftsmanship can give. The hand-dyed leather and the unique shades that Pakerson artisans choose for their works, combine in the LUCCA MOCCASIN with an ultra-light sole and a breathable and pleasant lining, so as to make every step a real moment of pleasure. Let's not forget to match casual moccasins with informal and sporty Bermuda shorts, the perfect combination to spend pleasant summer days by the sea. Having the opportunity to wear a casual moccasin that keeps its quality unchanged across time means choosing Pakerson luxury moccasins.

Immerse yourself in the infinite nuances that the Pakerson brand offers you and choose the casual moccasin that best suits your style. Visit our online boutique.

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