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The Romantic Elegance Made in Italy

The Tuscan sun has a magical effect both on the different landscapes that bathes and, on the people, who find themselves traveling through this region with a millenary history.

And with a landscape among the most varied and envied in the world, Tuscany is full of traditions, excellence and romance. Cradle of the Renaissance, has given birth to several poets and scholars. Its artistic and cultural heritage, among the most famous in the world, is not the only pride for this land. The Tuscan Sun, the rich countryside of hills, islands and sea, its genuine cuisine matched with typical wines and liquors welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Hiking through the snowy paths of its mountains, strolling through the alleys of its cities of art, or pausing to eat a typical dish while sipping a glass of Chianti, all under the Tuscan Sun, these are emotions that only this region, proudly Italian, has.


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Tuscany brings us back to those traditions that we often fail to enjoy because of the always hectic pace of life that seems to deprive us of moments of relaxation and conviviality.

Work, sport, family commitments, these are all activities that now mechanically follow one another during the day and that leave no room for the “slow living” style so recommended by experts in psycho-physical well-being. Never do more than one task at the same time, devote the right care without being distracted by anything else, to fully live every moment and every emotion.

Stepping into the ancient alleys of art cities, admiring the local craft stores, letting yourself be infused with the smell of leather that is worked for hours in front of curious spectators, this is part of a pleasant program of "detoxification" from the daily frenzy.


The Leather Artisan

In this scenery of the Tuscan countryside, among the sunny hills of Cerreto Guidi and near Vinci, there is still the first market the Pakerson brand entered.

Present in Florence and its province for almost a century, it has been the cradle of genius, creativity, arts and crafts for centuries, where time seems to have stopped at a genuine past and from which the artisan draws his teaching and inspiration.

Elegance and romance, which are the hallmark of this region, stand also as the foundation for the many years of experience of the Florentine master artisans who work Pakerson's fine leather. The crafting of leather shoes and belts has always been a passion and an art for the company, handed down for generations from father to son. A family tradition of work and success.

The sophistication of its refined products makes the characteristic horseshoe emblem a banner of timeless style and exclusivity. Behind every shoe there is a journey, a design, a project. Each shoe is made, sewn and painted entirely by hand, passing through 200 different stages of processing with an identity entirely hand-made in Italy.

The leathers used by the Florentine masters to produce the creations that distinguish the Pakerson brand all over the world are of the highest quality. Alligator and crocodile leathers , both timeless, have always been an icon of style with irresistible glamour.

The products with the Horseshoe, the emblem applied to every Pakerson shoe, are a memorable must-have that does not experience the signs of time. They can be adapted to any type of evening and event, from romantic dinners to business appointments, from corporate meetings to outings with friends. Exclusive, comfortable items, full of elegance and class.

Quality and character have always been Pakerson's hallmarks.

The uniqueness and exclusivity, characteristics of luxury, are immediately perceived at the touch and each design has unique and unrepeatable shades, iridescent nuances thanks to the artisanal application of the color on the skin.

Pakerson footwear adapts perfectly to every outfit, from casual to the most formal, thanks to the wide range of colors and patterns.

Discover the passion and creative genius of Florence's artisanship and find the footwear designed exclusively for you.

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