Pakerson crocodile leather shoes


The Luxury in Footwear of Excellence

If fashion has always been a passion for Pakerson, the matching of accessories is an enjoyable experience with attention to the smallest detail.

The constant search for trendy fashion and the maniacal obsession for the most popular materials used by fashion designers, proclaims agreement that an item made of crocodile leather is a must in any classy wardrobe. The crocodile leather shoes are the elegant way to tell their uniqueness and beauty. Wearable perfectly for business dinners, business meetings or romantic dinners, they are always able to contribute elegance and refinement.


How to Recognize a Real Fine Leather Item Compared to an Imitation?

Those deciding to buy a pair of real crocodile leather shoes or any other fine leather items, ought to know the absolute quality and the infinite differences with poor synthetic imitations.

The softness and delicacy to the touch, the chromatic depth and the perfect manufacturing, leave no doubt.

PIt can also be interesting to understand if the leather in question is made from crocodile or caiman. The latter is in fact less valuable than that of crocodile and alligator, and therefore, also less expensive. The alligator and crocodile belly scales are softer and more flexible than those of the caiman. The softness and homogeneity allow the dyes to spread evenly over the entire skin during the coloring process. The bone deposits of the caiman, on the other hand, do not allow the uniform distribution of the dyeing, causing cracks in the belly scales. Therefore, if you notice spotted and irregular patterns in the dyeing, which emphasize the natural wrinkles of the leather, it is usually caiman.

In addition to the consistency, the difference also lies in the different shape of the scales: the crocodile and alligator scales are rounded or irregularly square, with a more elegant and refined appearance, while the scales of the caiman skin are square but have a rougher line than those of the crocodile and each scale appears wrinkled.


Luxury and Elegance

Wearing crocodile leather shoes means experiencing unique emotions.

Make oneself boldly noticed through bright shades or reinterpreting the contemporary style with classic tones. The handmade antiqued Mississippi’s alligator shoe is a true cult object in the world of luxury.

Pakerson is recognized as a leader in the luxury footwear industry. Shoes in fine leather made by Florentine master artisans. Their craftsmanship in leather processing has made footwear and accessories world-renowned jewelry. They are exclusive made in Italy shoes entirely handmade, comfortable and elegant at the same time, luxury shoes that can be worn every day to be always fashionable and with a refined taste.

Behind each piece there is the long experience of masters and artisans. Each model is designed, produced and decorated entirely by professionals who have always worked in this field. Pakerson uses only the finest leathers and has been producing luxury Mississippi alligator leather shoes since 1923. The shoes produced have a distinctive Italian design and are available in various models and shades.

Feel thrilled by the undisputed icon of men's luxury footwear, visit our online store or contact us now for further information.

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