Tuscany's Insignia

"Luxury is having unique pieces that are not easily identifiable"

In the famous quote by Karl Lagerfeld, German fashion designer as well as photographer and well-known creative director of Fendi and Chanel, we see everything Pakerson stands for: the uniqueness of fashion accessories such as handmade leather belts and wallets, highlighting the style and personality of each individual.

Pakerson belts are the expression of centenary journey of expertise, handed down from generation to generation. Each belt is unique and tells a story of family and artisanship. The use of fine leathers, characteristic of the Tuscan lands, and the great skill of the Florentine masters guarantee each product a touch of uniqueness and luxury.


of Handmade Leather Accessories

As Lagerfeld stated, if luxury lies in uniqueness, then handmade leather accessories are the ideal representation of it, precisely because they are absolutely unique and distinctive.

This is the hallmark of genuine leather that guarantees the uniqueness of every single accessory, allowing each outfit to express an inimitable soul and personality.

Luxury therefore always goes alongside concepts such as exclusivity, refinement, re-appropriation of one's own time and the absolute concept of beauty.

The choice of the leather accessories can be a real long-term investment, since they are made with materials that do not get spoiled with aging, on the contrary, they actually look more and more beautiful. Real leather products maintain their full exclusivity for many years.

The artisanal products are infinitely superior to those following the standards of the great fashion industries, "disposable" models. Handmade accessories, as handmade leather belts, are, thanks to the accuracy of workmanship, timeless style icons.


Men's Leather Belts

The quintessentially stylish accessory has always been the leather belt, capable of transforming even the simplest outfits into true impeccable styles.

A comfortable, fashionable belt in fine leather completes an elegant dress, elevates a pair of jeans from a functional garment to an element full of style and trend. It can give new life to a classic dress and, more importantly, a luxury belt is an investment that always retains its glamour in the fashion world.

The sophistication of the most suitable material, the buckle shape and the leather aesthetics matched with the footwear, represent today an absolute plus in men's fashion, increasingly refined, accurate and attentive to details

Luxury belts are fundamental accessories for capturing interest and focusing the attention on other features.

The use of leather has become infinitely more glamorous no matter how you decide to wear it. Wearing elegant and fashionable crocodile leather belts will add a new dimension to the overall style, affirming determination, sophistication and attention to fine details.

Each Pakerson model is hand-stitched and embellished with a jewel buckle. The use of genuine alligator leather ensures smoothness, promising great comfort, elegance and complete luxury. Exclusive design, precious materials and attention to detail by Florentine masters are the characteristics of these products.

Discover the prestige of Italian artisanship and the exclusivity of the Pakerson belts. Visit our online boutique.

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