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The Prestigious Pakerson Styles

It is easy to fall into the oblivion of anonymity or the whirlwind of coarseness when crossing the boundaries of fashion.

It is in fact a dangerously thin line that separates an exasperated and forcedly recognizable style, to a whimsical, but at the same time refined one. When it comes to style, the ambition to be the brightest star in the firmament is always legitimate, but if it is not always a priority in ordinary everyday life, in special events it becomes essential. Elegance, exclusivity, charisma: these are the traits to which your outfit must aspire and these are the features that Pakerson luxury models embody. Ceremony shoes are the flagship of the Tuscan company, an icon of luxury and a symbol of Made in Italy craftsmanship; they represent that stylistic detail which is able to transform a faint glow into an intense light.


Timeless Elegance and Crocodile Skin

Not all footwear is the same.

Wearing Pakerson luxury shoes means preserving Tuscan artisan tradition, emblem of made in Italy excellence. It means being the spokesperson for Italian culture and art, for the creativity of skilled artisans who make elegance and quality their most important mission.

The Pakerson shoe embodies a centuries-old experience. Every detail and every processing stage are strictly guided by the gaze and the expert hands of the Tuscan master artisans, who carry out their artworks which are suitable for any type of event and ceremony. Indeed, the Pakerson collection boasts a wide variety of dress shoe styles that are able to respond to different needs and looks, but whose workmanship is always the result of three ingredients: quality, attention, and exclusivity.

The Pakerson Timeless Elegance of men's collections embodies the essence of made in Italy footwear. Wearing our luxury leather shoes means wearing a jewel of inestimable value, featuring an elegant and refined design. Lucca Moccasin, Siena Double Buckle shoe, Pisa Derby, and Vinci Oxford shoe: the prestigious models of this line were born for be that exclusive detail able to make a ceremony look absolutely unparalleled. Hand-antiqued noble skins, expertly crafted color tones, these luxury shoes embody that rare combination that sees culture combined with artisan elegance, Tuscan tradition with stylistic refinement.

Among the 2021 dress shoes, crocodile leather footwear cannot be missing. The Pakerson company offers an excellent collection which is entirely dedicated to the antiqued Mississippiensis alligator, a particularly fine leather that has become an emblem of luxury in the world. The versatility of this leather and its priceless quality have allowed Florentine artisans to create unique works of art, capable of enchant even the less experienced eye. Whether the style is quirky or traditional, preferring luxury shoes in alligator leather means choosing to wear excellence. The mastery of Pakerson craftsmen and the quality of the raw materials have in fact given life to a work capable of reaching out to tradition and, at the same time, in the stylistic avant-garde, satisfying the vast scale of tastes that have populated the world for centuries of fashion.

To experience the pleasure of wearing Italian excellence, visit our online boutique.

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