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The 2021 Trends

“Continue to embrace the present and invent the future” said Karl Lagerfeld.

The 2021 fashion is preparing to accept the master’s advice by rewarding luxury and distancing itself from the consumerist attitude that prefers quantity to quality. Thus, the 2021 shoes, garments, and accessories look to the future with a wink to tradition and to the past, enhancing vintage and craftsmanship.


and Luxury Footwear

Vintage and luxury have never been so allied.

The 2021 trends respond loudly to the new needs of the world, offering vintage garments and luxury footwear in the name of sustainability and the quality of raw materials.

From the 70s collar, to the return of bright colors to the forefront, from flared trousers to miniskirts, up to extra-large suits and waistcoats with precious and handcrafted finishes. A return in style also of pink, color which seemed to have lost its appeal among the big houses, but which will surprise fashion victims from all over the world this year. The 2021 fashion is therefore ready to recover the old by renewing it, overwhelming us with a wave of freshness that has the flavor of vintage.

But if vintage recovers the past to preserve the future, luxury takes the present to make it eternal. The nature of the luxury product is synonymous with durability and quality, essential elements for a desired fashion attentive to waste and sensitive to the environmental issue. Luxury footwear and clothing therefore make their way among the trends of 2021 and, between Oxford shoes and stiletto heels, moccasins are making their big comeback, undisputed protagonists of this spring.


The Leather Belts

Vintage is recalling and living again: remembering fabrics, prints, models which were in vogue in past years and reliving them on one’s own skin after decades.

For many people, vintage means recovering a blouse from some old grandmother's portmanteau or an aged leather bag or, again, discovering the best-stocked flea market in which the fashion, while still in the distant past, has not lost its original beauty and its invaluable value.

The love for vintage made its debut last year and will reign unchallenged in 2021 fashion, but not only in garments and footwear. It is a love for vintage that sweeps 360 degrees including accessories too in its aims. From the great return of the practical and comfortable shoulder bag, to that of the bucket bag that comes back into vogue directly from the 70s as the protagonist of the fashion of the 20s of this century. Alongside bags, winter 2020-2021 saw the rebirth of leather gloves, a touch of incomparable elegance, and strictly eco-friendly sunglasses will continue to accompany fashion lovers for the whole year.

Bags, gloves, glasses, vintage accessories are irreplaceable protagonists in this 2021 fashion, which never stops giving surprises. In fact, belts will make their debut among the 2021 fashion trends. Going beyond the boundaries of mere practicality, the belt will become this year's accessory par excellence, an inevitable ornament to enrich your look. Leather or fabric belts, embellished with pearls or tassels: the belt in all its forms will be a must have for the summer and will reveal its great versatility to even the most hostile wearers.

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